Thursday, 10 June 2010

Jackie and Wayne Comment on the Christies' Sale

The comments of simple art-loving Jackie (that's "Jackie@plus size lingerie") on the piece in the New York Observer about today's Christie's auction probably make about as much sense to the average reader in the context of the article as antiquity dealer Wayne Sayles'. Both miss the mark and both concentrate on their author's own commercial interests.
Under the guise of "protection", state politics and special interests have taken culture and its heritage away from the very people who create it and rightly cherish it. The laws and administrative processes designed to prevent genuine travesties are indiscriminately and capriciously being applied by bureaucrats, in nationalist countries and in the U.S., to some of the most innocuous and incidental types of objects from the past. This returns us to the cloistered elitism of the Middle Ages, where the common man is fed only institutional propaganda.
duh? What has that to do with Christie's or Medici? I see that Jackie has not got her act together and her website is not finished yet, and we've already seen that Sayle's "Internationalist" ideas are only half-baked, so they make a matched couple of commentators for this issue.

Jackie can be found in many places on the web commenting vacuously on a number of topics, from fishing to Firefox, salads to art and supporting her business activities...

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