Saturday, 19 June 2010

Opacity in the Coiney Guild

The day before yesterday I wrote to a board member of the US-based Ancient Coin Collectors' Guild and the Executive Director of the ACCG with a question about the procedure by which the former Code of Ethics was reworded and what it means. The one refused to answer the questions, referring me to the Executive Director as if he had no knowledge of the procedure adopted (even though the decision was voted at a board meeting on 6th June) and enjoining me not to quote or even paraphrase our correspondence. The latter has simply ignored my letter. If coin collectors have been sending messages on the topic of the new wording to Moneta-L, reports suggest that those who control access to the list are stopping them, as there has apparently been very little discussion of the topic there amongst those who one would have thought the new code would most directly affect - unless of course every man jack of them is set on ignoring it from the outset.

So much then for "transparency", eh?

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