Wednesday, 9 June 2010

UK Professionals Hide the Fulfillment of their Hobby Needs in Secret Groups

According to Darren Grimshaw, the metal detecting group Central Searchers contains:
people from all walks of life (up standing people who contribute much to this country Great Britain). Professionals such as police, scientist, teachers, paramedics, soldiers, tradesmen to the man that empties your bins.
Now if that is true, maybe we could hear here from one of those professionals, like the police officer or officers, the scientist (one?), the teachers, soldiers and paramedics, people in professions where public trust is of the importance, whether they support the central Searchers website being secret like a porn ring and the majority of artefact hunting and collecting web forums. What is it about what these police officers, the scientist, the teachers, soldiers and paramedics do that has to be hidden away from the eyes of the rest of us?

The same goes for the collectors of ancient coins on Moneta-L which has just closed its archives to public view, the collectors of ancient artefacts on Tim Haines' secretive Yahoo AncientArtifacts group (in which we are told there are also many "Phd's (sic), university professors and museum curators"), and the various other metal detecting forums in the UK (in which there are perhaps others).

Readers of this blog might be interested in registering with some of these groups and take a good hard look at what is going on in these milieus and determine what it is these professionals and their fellow collectors and dealers are trying to hide and from whom.

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