Friday, 11 June 2010

Belize's Looted Archaeological Treasures on Red List

The website has an article about 'Looted Archaeological Treasures on Red List' with an interview with Dr. Jaime Awe, the Director of the Belizean Institute of Archaeology about the local looting and the efforts of foreigners to ship material out of the country. In one case the local customs officers opened a package which a guy was trying to mail to his own address abroad (the country is not explicitly stated, but I think we can all guess what the most likely destination was) and with archaeological help took out the genuine artefacts but let the fakes reach their destination. So buying stuff from dealers who use supply methods like these you never really know what you are buying.


Anonymous said...


Paul Barford said...

I take it name-calling and secretive "Jaymee" (profile unavailable of course) is a dealer.

Paul Barford said...

And to judge by her previous comment here, she's a really articulate lady.

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