Sunday, 8 January 2012

Bye-Bye CulturalGrrl? Say it Ain't So

This is sad news, Lee Rosenbaum has announced ('Valedictory Post: Thanks from CultureGrrl!) that she is planning to "take a break (possibly a permanent one) from blogging" under the name "CultureGrrl", effective from Jan 9th, adding "I don't know yet whether I'll relapse in February. But my month's hiatus isn't an empty threat; it's a promise".
My month's sabbatical may become a permanent one. I just don't know yet whether I can do without the instant gratification of telling stories that need to be told and expressing views that I feel need to be aired. But I've become a slave to the blog, and I'm eager to see what else may be out there for me---something I couldn't do while blogging, because I'm too much of a perfectionist. I labored much too long and hard every day, researching my posts and crafting my prose. If I'm going to continue doing this kind of work, I really should get paid.[...] But no one "exploited" me. I freely (perhaps foolishly) chose to do this, and it did bring me a some speaking gigs and broadcast exposure that I would not otherwise have enjoyed. It raised my profile and made me semi-famous to a niche group of art aficionados. What's more, for the most part, I enoyed doing it. [...] It's going to be hard going back to being mild-mannered mortal Lee Rosenbaum, writing about a few things, after being caped crusader CultureGrrl, opinionating on everything.
I am sure Culturegrrl will be sorely missed, and her readers will join me in wishing Lee every success in her new ventures.

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