Monday, 30 January 2012

18th January: The ACCG Gives an Account of Itself

Twelve days after the fiasco at the State Department, the ACCG attempts to give an account of itself (P. Tompa: 'CPAC Meeting on Renewal of MOU with Cyprus' 30/1/12). Quite interesting, compared with the scope of the designated list, is the list of the individuals (representing nevertheless organizations) who "spoke against the MOU". All coineys: Peter Tompa (IAPN/PNG); Wayne Sayles (ACCG); and Eloise Ullman (Industry Council For Tangible Assets ICTA), The National Trade Association for the Rare Coin / Precious Metals / Tangible Assets Industry.
Peter Tompa spoke for IAPN and PNG, two trade associations that represent the small business of the numismatic trade.
As we saw, he claims a conspiracy against the coineys, revelations from a former CPAC chairman and a disregard of the CPAC of ACCG "scholarship" intended to show that import restrictionss on coins without documentation of lawful export are unjustified.
Wayne Sayles indicated that the ACCG represents the interests of the approximately 50,000 serious ancient coin collectors in the United States. The ACCG is interested in fair and equitable application of US law. The CPIA was meant to protect significant artifacts, not everything under the sun. In response to a question from [Patty Gerstenblith ], Wayne Sayles indicated that it is unrealistic to ask the small businesses of the numismatic trade to provide provenance information for every coin they import.
I see they are still sticking with their "50 000" estimate, that represents a massive erosion of the archaeological record of the rest of the world if these guys are all buying dugup antiquities without ensuring legitimate origins each and every time. Of course CPAC Chair Patty Gerstenblith will know that the CCPIA says nothing whatsoever about establishing provenance as a criterion for legal import into the USA, just the accompaniment of an export licence or the declarations envisaged by that law.
Eloise Ullman indicated that most ICTA members have under 5 employees. She also noted that President Obama recently recognized that it is important not to overburden small businesses with paperwork when his administration signed onto an effort to end a burdensome requirement that coin dealers prepare 1099 forms for every purchase over $600.
Here is the ICTA website. What an odd little organization. "1099 forms" are documentation for tax purposes.

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