Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Focus on UK Metal Detecting: None so Blind

 "There really are none 
so blind as those who will not see"

Heritage Action have reacted  (Alan S. 'ID the “MD Muppet”!, Addendum, 11 August 2014). to a complaint by Andy Baines:
Some of the publicity the [Mouthy Mike] clip received from a (sic) certain few archaeo-bloggers is disappointing to read. It just seems that at any opportunity[,] they will use something like this to make out that all detectorists behave like mindless, thuggish, oafs such as the chap on the video, to be honest i think it was to be expected after witnessing there (sic) utter predictability for the lasts (sic) year or so.
What is predictable is that many metal detectorists will show that, though they have a mind, they are incapable of following a simple argument (and yes, if it comes to behaviour, many do indeed behave like thuggish oafs, the comments section of Mr Baines own blog has in the past certainly been ample proof of that).

My own main comments on this video concerned the attitude of entitlement that it reveals - this is unfortunately a feature that is all too prevalent in the detecting forums as a whole and saturates any discussion on so-called 'collectors rights' that anyone might try to engage in with them. Sadly, Mr Baines, no matter what salt-of-the-earth spin is put on it by supporters, the average broadsheet reading member of the public outside the hobby will indeed perceive much of what and the manner in which it is articulated as mindless, thuggish and oafish. 

My own comments on the fallacy of the perception of the detecting lobby of the fundamental issue underlying discussion of this video clip are presented above: PACHI Tuesday, 12 August 2014: 'Nighthawks, Posturing and the Real Problem'.

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