Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Focus on UK Metal Detecting: "Target a Nice Roman Site"

From a correspondent:
I watched a program last night that I recorded earlier, a Community Channel show called 'Hooked on Hobbies' where they spoke with a Detectorist, attended his club night, looked at some of his finds (from 20 years detecting!) and finally went out with him on a session 'on the site of a medieval fair'. No mention of permissions, or finds agreements in the whole show. When the presenter asked at the club night where he should go detecting, one of the members suggested a 'nice Roman site'. The club was the Mid-Kent Detectorists, I think. You would be incensed if you saw it, but I can't find it on catchup anywhere, and no sign of a repeat on the web site http://community though they do repeat stuff ad nauseum....

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