Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Exeter: the Schøyen Collection incantation bowls

The problems with the Schøyen Collection incantation bowls are well-known, nevertheless the University of Exeter (Dr Siam Bhayro) is currently running a so-called "Virtual Magic Bowl Archive" (VMBA). The VMBA:
is to provide online resources for those engaged in the study of Aramaic incantation bowls from Sasanian Mesopotamia [...], the initial resources will focus on some 650 texts that comprise part of the Schøyen Collection, which are currently being prepared for publication by an international team of scholars under the supervision of Professor Shaul Shaked.
S. Shaked, J.N. Ford and S. Bhayro, Aramaic Bowl Spells: Jewish Babylonian Aramaic Bowls Volume One (Magical and Religious Literature of Late Antiquity 1; Leiden: Brill, 2013

Brill are handling the Green Collection publications too. .

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