Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Nothampton Resigns from Museums Association

Jetzt, getrennt marschieren
A spokesperson for Northampton Borough Council said today:
“It is curious that the Museums’ Association is choosing to review our membership when we have already notified them that we have resigned from the Association and have no desire to ever re-join. “Having reviewed the value of membership we could not see what benefit it offered to our museums. “We are focusing on the future and our exciting plans to invest in improving both museums including the huge expansion of the Northampton Museum and Art Gallery rather than the odd bureaucracy of an organisation we no longer belong to.”

Here's who the MA are and some of what they do. It is hard to believe that the museums professionals of Northampton, all ten of them, do not see any benefits in Association membership for the museum world and themselves, based as they are in a Philistine Borough which is capable of riding roughshod over ethical concerns like this. You are on your own now guys.

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