Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Rhodes Drugs Bust Finds Antiquities

In Kameirou in Rhodes a 52-year old man was arrested for illegal possession of drugs
Officers confiscated over 2 kilos of raw cannabis, 23 cannabis plants, precision scales as well and a wealth of ancient coins and objects, a metal detector almost 2,000 euros in cash and other items.[...] According to police the residence contained among other items 212 ancient coins, 30 musket balls, clay lamps and amphoras, various bronze items including a ring and a bracelet and other artifacts. Given that police are also said to have confiscated a metal detector it appears that the man may have uncovered at least some of the items by himself, although at this point this is only speculation. The law in Greece requires any finds of ancient artifacts to be declared. Depending on the nature of the finds amateur discoverers of such items may be allowed to keep them if they are of little historical value or may be provided with a reward. 

E.Tsiliopoulos, 'Drug bust reveals illicit antiquities ' New Greek, Tuesday, 07 October 2014

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