Thursday, 2 October 2014

Two More FLOs Keep Mum

I wrote on Wednesday, September 24, 2014 to two FLOs whose regional "partners" are two vociferous but relatively uninformed metal detectorist bloggers who'd just written some supportive nonsense about hoard hoiking in disregard of the Code of Practice of the Treasure Act. I suggested that they might like to contact these individuals and make at least one comment on what they had written (I even sent them the links). I have no idea whether they even looked at what their regional "partners" were saying, but neither of them thought it appropriate to acknowledge receipt of my communication, still less comment on the subject of my message. So, perhaps they looked and saw nothing untoward. Disappointing, but perhaps the PAS is smothered in their "million finds in our box" euphoria and could not give a hang about anything else. My response:
Dear Ms [....],
So I guess the apparent lack of reaction indicates that you do not feel that engaging with the social media has any role to play in PAS "outreach". I feel that is a somewhat short-sighted approach in a milieu in which rather than thinking issues through for themselves, parroting each others' opinions is so prevalent.
Best wishes Paul Barford
But then, I wonder whether there is any evidence at all that the PAS actually has any real long-term strategy for dealing with artefact hunting in mind, or whether it is merely dragging itself along from one government spending review to the next.

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