Thursday, 2 October 2014

FLO Speechless

Silence from the FLO on the ‘Dunelme hoard’

From: Paul Barford
To: [Lauren Proctor]
Sent: Saturday, September 27, 2014 5:29 PM
Subject: Re: Weekend Hoard digging
Dear Lauren,
I wrote to you last week about this story in the news, but you seem not to have received it. Are you the FLO to which reference was made on metal detecting forums in connection with the Dunelme Metal Detecting Club digging up over the weekend a hoard?
If so, did you actually say what they are now attributing to you?
Have you seen the videos they posted? How can anyone say this is what should be happening here when the Code of practice of the Traeasure Act says something else?
If you are not the FLO concerned, could you let me know who is.
Thanks Paul Barford
I guess she's still thinking how to answer. Three yes/no questions and an "I don't know". She's still trying to suss out maybe how to explain away the actions of PAS "partners". Or perhaps she thinks that if she ignores a query from a member of the public, the problem will go away, that ignoring difficult issues is the best method of "outreach" in dumbdown mode. But dumbdown mode is surely not what she's being paid for. Seventeen million quid the PAS costs us and you cannot even get a simple answer from these people.

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Alan S. said...

Surprise, surprise!

'The requested topic does not exist'. Quick, let's hide the evidence! Another one bites the dust...

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