Thursday, 6 November 2014

Butterfly Count

All over Britain people have spent part of the summer out in the fields trying to get some idea of the fluctuating numbers of butterflies in Britain's increasingly sterile wastelandcape. There seem to have been few recorded instances of hostility breaking out among those passionately interested in butterflies about the number of Small Tortoiseshells out there. One might then wonder what it is about metal detectorists that they are thrown into a paroxysm of insult, derision and name calling over any attempt to assess the number of artefacts being taken from the finite and non-renewable archaeological resource. What is the matter with these people? Why can they not just calm down and if they disagree with somebody else's opinion, explain why, and present an alternative model? Is that asking too much of a "community" of just over seven thousand grown adults?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You needn't worry about Small Tortoishells, a couple of years ago they almost disappeared but lately their numbers have rocketed.

It's the same with artifacts innit?

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