Saturday, 3 October 2015

Reason for Metal Detectorist Under-Recording, Money too Small

Childish treasure hunters
Four out of five archaeological finds taken from the archaeological record go unrecorded. Over on a metal detecting forum near you, a reason is given by a detectorist for this under-recording,"We dont do it for the money but lets be honest, there is no wonder so many finds go unrecorded [by] the FLO". This refers to moaning that the valuation of a Viking hoard found by treasure hunters Justin Bell and Daniel Boakes (apparently known as the ‘Garrett Lads’) was 'too low' for the liking of the finders. As Nigel Swift points out,
the treasure rewards and Ebay earnings that detectorists get are the only part of the heritage sector that hasn’t suffered massive cuts. So actually, detectorists are uniquely privileged. Anyone think being ungrateful and graceless is the best reaction to that reality?

We remember that just the other day another ("we ain't in it fer the munny") detectorist indicates he'll sell if the "price is right".

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