Friday, 17 June 2016

Sauce for the Greek Goose, sauce for the Indiana Gander

"Schreck isn’t sure what thieves were looking
for and what would have been left behind.
“I don't
know that a whole lot would be left,
but again jewelry or other items that
they may have been looking for".

Donna Yates @DrDonnaYates not long ago
Nineteenth-Century Grave Looted in Indiana …
Paul Barford ‏@PortantIssues even less time ago  Paul Barford retweeted Donna Yates
US dealers lobby groups - CPAC should force Greeks et al to pay a "living wage" to stop looting there - start at home!
The boards of both the International Association for Professional Numismatists and the Professional Numismatists Guild have, it is true, so far neglected to respond to my written  request for further information about the recommendation they made to the CPAC in Washington that somebody make sure that off-season casual labourers are paid a "living wage" to prevent them looting archaeological sites in the vicinity. I am sure this is because they are putting together a proper answer with concrete proposals of how this could be implemented.

I suggest thought that before putting it into action in an unfamiliar socio-economic environment, the US-based dealers in the Association and Guild put a pilot scheme into operation themselves in selected poor regions of the US with a rich heritage - such as Harrison County for example. Let us see how much it costs and what the effects are. Are you ready to put your own recommendations into action IAPN and PNG? Show us that you know what you are talking about - put your money where your mouth is. Show the world you are as interested in action being taken as the rest of us and are not just stalling - again.

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