Monday, 20 June 2016

What Brexit will mean for British Archaeology

This is an amazingly thorough write up of some amazingly thorough research: Doug's Archaeology " What Brexit or … Exit will mean for Archaeology… really all of the UK.  June 20, 2016. I wonder who it is for though, are there many archaeologists who are Brexiters? Many of the metal detectorists (who probably are to a large extent Brexiters) will be rejoicing that this would be a blow to the hated archaeology, bless 'em. But it won't affect metal detecting will it?

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kyri said...

this brexit debate is not black and white,or left vs right.there are many leading left politicians that are brexiters.on a personal note i cant see how anyone who say they are on the left can even contemplate voting to stay in.

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