Sunday, 30 April 2017

ICE Does some good work in the US

The ICE has done some good work in the US in cultural property protection and helping to bring people together. Sadly under the new regime and in an unprecedented wave of nationalist xenophobia, it has now been tasked with collecting discriminative data to promote divisions and hatred:
Trump administration officials on Wednesday launched a new office called VOICE to assist victims of crimes committed by undocumented immigrants as part of the president's executive order to curtail illegal immigration. As part of the VOICE office, immigration officials also established a hotline where "people impacted by crimes committed by illegal aliens" could receive support.
Fortunately some of the good people of the US struck back at these nasty policies. An outside observer of the train-wreck that is US society these days might suggest starting another more useful hotline VOGL Victms of Gun Laws.

Vignette: Trump is dragging the good name of good US institutions through the mud. 


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