Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Pewsey Roman coin hoard

Donations by the finder and landowner enabled Wiltshire Museum to acquire the Pewsey Roman coin hoard… The finders left it in situ to be excavated by the Wiltshire FLO Annie Byard, 'Unusually the coins were in a layer of lead sheet and fur'. Like the Lenborough Hoard, I wonder how many Sainsbury's carrier bags the FLO used to excavate this one?


Anonymous said...

Donations? What donations? Since when did detectorists have title to anything they dig up?

Anonymous said...

Actually, I see it is the Treasure Registrar that is guilty of the false news. For once PAS gave the unspun reality:

"landowner waived reward and finder waived half of his reward"

Good for the landowner to recognise what is morally right. As for the finder, how pathetic.

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