Saturday, 8 April 2017

Name and Shame Dodgy Exporters and Importers nstead of Supporting Them.

ACCG board meeting at Gainesville 'House of Angels'
The ACCG and professional numismatists trade associations' illegal coin import stunt still drags on... and on....   their persistent lobbyist suggests:
>It's important to defend the principle that the government must make out every element of its prima facie case before it can take private property<

Is it? Surely collectors should be upholding the prnciple that it is important when importing objects into the US to comply with US law. By that law the coins should have certain paperwork, these coins did not (and that failure was due to Spinks not supplying it). I suggest that the ACCG should be advising 'fellow collectors' to avoid buying from this supplier if they cannot take simple steps to comply with US law. 

The prima facie case is that the coins you imported were not imported according to US law and nobody has to 'make out any element' of anything other than 'was the paperwork required submiitted in the time allowed'? Yes/ no?

Name and shame dodgy exporters and importers.

Go, be a man and post this and then tell us where the logic is wrong from the point of view of a 'guild' of responsible collectors complying with the ACCG Code of ethics.

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