Thursday, 21 December 2017

Code of Practice, wassat?

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The Somerset FLO said 'carry on'? Is that what the Revised Code of Practice for Responsible Metal Detecting in England and Wales says? No? So why is the FLO telling them differently? This coffin is well below plough level and should not be being dug up on an otherwise unthreatened site. This should not be regarded by the PAS as a 'prime example of responsible detecting' and is not in any way commendable. It's 'brooches' Mr Massey.

Andy Holbrook: "must of (sic) been proper (sic) skinny to fit in that'
Jason Massey: 'It's a young female of 5ft but the side has collapsed'.
Bobby Arney: 'This is amazing!!'
Bobby Arney: 'How have you managed to keep this quite so long Jason Massey?!?! Id have shouted it from the roof tops day one!'
Jason Massey: 'Lol [emoticon] infantry mate
Alan Hydes: 'That must of (sic) been one huge signal [emoticon, emoticon]
Andy Paxford: 'That your Find Jason?'
Jason Massey: 'Yes mate on my group Christmas dig. Read the full article mate'.
Andy Paxford: 'Sweet (sic) what a find!!'
Jason Massey: 'Amazing mate [emoticon]'
Andy Paxford: 'another amazing piece of lead lol [emoticon] Great stuff bud'

Nothing here about ploughsoil or disturbing burials...


BBC 'Roman coins and lead grave found in Somerset field' 21 December 2017
A Roman grave containing a lead coffin and more than 250 coins has been discovered in a field [...]  Kevin Minto, from Detecting for Veterans - a group for ex-services personnel, discovered the coins and then found the grave when he returned to the site with the county archaeologist, Bob Croft. Mr Minto said [...], the archaeologists are chuffed to nuts and they'll do whatever they have to"
Of course the archaeologists would not 'have' to do any of this keyhole archaeology if these Treasure hunters had not irresponsibly disturbed the site in the first place. There is a 'Code' for artefact hunters, what about the archaeological codes of conduct, what do they say about underresourced keyhole digging into a potentially complex site which is unthreatened by anything much except by grabby metal detector users engaged in collection-driven exploitation of the site?


Unknown said...

Please Email me when you have stopped listing to gossip and get your facts right .

Paul Barford said...

I did not see your comment, it is now up. You said "Please Email me when you have stopped listing to gossip and get your facts right" I expect I would if you drop your accusatory tone and just point out where I have used "gossip" in a text based on your group's own press release and adds some of the authentic reactions of fellow artefact hunters on a discussion list which I find rather telling. What is the "truth" you want me to write? That what we see in the photos is in any way related to "best archaeological practice" as Mike Lewis insists on saying the PAS has achieved with you lot? Sorry, I just do not buy that.

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