Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Wannabe Citizen Archaeologist: "Code of Practice?" Wassat, then M8? Eh?

What is the point about a Code of Practice for Responsible Metal Detecting (sic) in England and Wales when you've got people like this in the hobby?
Jack Lee Davies to Metal detecting  4 mins ·Hi evryone. Hope your (sic) all ready for Xmas! Just curious about something and couldn't think of a better place to start the questioning. Please and thanks in advance! Are you aloud (sic) to dig on a non scheduled site even know (sic) its clearly a tumuli (sic)/burial mound. Have a Roman villa site with Roman spring and river. The spring and surrounding bank is (sic) full of Roman coins. Have noticed a burial mound with river splitting and diverting around the mound. To my knowledge the Romans didn't use mounds but there has (sic) been several high status Saxon finds and the odd Celtic brooch in the same area so age of the mound isn't my main concern. Have permission to excavate from land owner next summer but didn't want to proceed if I need to alert any other authorities. Thanks again"
The Revised Code of Practice says nothing about digging collectable-mining holes in the middle of known sites (!) but there is point 2 in the section 'while you are metal detecting', but then what's the point of that if it stands to reason that by touching an unthreatened site like this you are bound to precipitate a 'point two-situation'. Bonkers.

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