Monday, 18 December 2017

Dr Michael Lewis - '20 Years of Treasure'

The '20 Years of Treasure' lecture by Dr Michael Lewis is available online.

'Now, obviously, Treasure is a very emotive word for archaeologists, [...] to be truthful there is [sic] some underlying tensions, from time to time'. No, the tension comes from the fact that archaeology is the opposite of everything that is presented by the PAS as 'citizen archaeology' but is really for the most part selfish collection-driven exploitation of the archaeological record, a name Mike Lewis avoids using.

It beats me why, every time the PAS talks about itself, they churn out exactly the same story, 'how we came about', 'what we do', 'here are some histograms to show how well we are doing', 'here's some stuff people have found and shown us'. So for 34 minutes we learn absolutely nothing new about the scheme - a scheme let it be recalled whose mission has been for twenty years to spread awareness of itself and what it does (and the results of that) to the public as a whole. Their constant regurgitated repetition of the same boring old stuff, time and time again when they present themselves in a talk or book chapter, suggests what they really think the results of 20 years expensive outreach actually are.

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