Thursday, 14 December 2017

Looted Artefacts Represent the Destruction of the Past

A rather pedestrian article which reproduces what has been said before and adds little new, but useful to keep the issue in the public eye: Lexi Churchill and Jiwon Choi, 'In looted artifacts, archaeologist sees destruction of past' global  journalist 14 December 2017.No doubt the antiquities trade lobby will again want to dismiss all this as (quote) 'loud-mouthed propagandists' and
'peddlers of heritage fake news, mostly academic grant-grabbers (with a smattering of pig-ignorant camp followers) having an axe to grind, or, working to private agendas, [...] street-corner rabble-rousers [...] with their fingers in the propaganda cookie jar.
but I think there is a case to answer, and instead of insults the antiquities market (all of it) should strive to clean up their act.

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