Thursday, 7 December 2017

Rescuers Criticise Metal Detecting

Rescue Facebook page:
Amanda Kenwrick I come across detectorists all the time, and none of them record their finds properly 😤 All claim not to be treasure hunters, but what else can you call them? I have known one or two who work with archaeologists and do invaluable work, but are all too few in number.
and then
Gary Crabbe I have no detectorists amongst my friends, only met a few. None of them have ever recorded the context, only one contacted the FLO, and not for everything. [...] Wczoraj o 10:27 ·
In reply to a metal detectorist justifying collection-driven exploitation of the archaeological record in the inimitable way most metal detectorists do:
Angie Fogarty Wickenden . You are being rude again because you don't like people criticising your hobby! And they are valid criticism! Tough! It is what it is. PAS enables the destruction of fragile archaeology. And you metal detectorists denude it of its finds. Wczoraj o 13:01
Metal detectorists gonna do what metal detectorists gonna do...
Pam Braddock Can we please stop with the language and the personal abuse? It only goes to support what Paul Barford is saying. I think if most archaeologists were being honest they would agree with him 21 godz.
[No, Pam, if they were being *honest*, they'd say so - instead of leaving somebody else to say openly what professional ethics and care for the archaeological heritage requires that they they should all be saying openly, and then take the flak.]

and here is why most archaeologists stay clear of talking about anything other than "what yer got?" with metal detectorists:
Andy Holbrook what a load of crap Wczoraj o 10:11

Andy Holbrook why do you post crap up by this prat? [H]e hasn't got a clue what's going on over here as he lives in Poland! [H]e's hated by 90% of archaeologists and detectorists[. A]ll he goes on about is what a bad thing we do, when he doesn't even know a bloody thing about detecting and if people actually believe the crap he writes then they are bigger Muppets than he is Wczoraj o 10:14
Hmm, the fact there are haters is supposed to mean, I guess I am wrong... I leave it up to my readers to decide if after several decades of looking into the issues I know a 'bloody thing' about what collectors do and to consider for themselves to what degree  what I say  here or elsewhere is in any way worthy of credence.

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