Thursday 6 November 2008

Having a Chat with Central Searchers?

Inspired by Gary Brun's posting to several blogs and forums that information about the elusive Cold Brayfield hoard discovery can be found on the Central Searchers metal detectorists' website, like myself last week, a colleague tried to register... well, that was a few days ago. Just now I received this from him:

I finally had a message saying my Central Searchers registration had been accepted but when I logged on I was greeted with a message saying "You have been banned from this forum." I wonder what they've got against someone called "Marcus" ?! Maybe it was considered too upmarket. I should have chosen 'Kevin'. Or maybe something like 'Hoiker'. (You can publish this message if you wish!)
Now, right there on the homepage it says right among the homely violet: "Please feel free to log on and register on our metal detecting forum you do not have to be a club member to register." Well, there's an invitation to blog readers, log on and see what "unsung heroes of the British heritage" discuss among themselves. I am sure we'd all like to know what exactly Gillian and Richard Evans, and all those Central Searchers people have got to hide from a new member called "Marcus" before he has even had a look at what they have on offer. What strange behaviour. What kind of a community is it that bans somebody the moment they accept their registration? Take a look - though you will have to be a member to get onto the special secret one where you get a password that is changed and you are forbidden to share with non-members, so they cannot see what part of the heritage is being taken away by these secretive folk.

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