Thursday, 26 February 2015

IAPN and PNG's "Cultural Property Observer" Again Attacks Professor Gill

According to a comment published on the blog of the paid lobbyist representing the IAPN and PNG,  lobbyist:
neither should we get too het-up by Gill... who in this debate at least, is for my money, simply a Barford clone on steroids. Having read Gill's critique of Maupin, I'm quite sure Maupin's stinging rebuke has seriously undermined Gill's position; doubtless Gill realizes his campaign is founded on sand and is desperate for a face-saver. Gill, Barford, et al, ad nauseum, eagerly climbed aboard the wrong bandwagon and are deservedly, looking increasingly stupid and marginalized.
I really do wonder at the IAPN and PNG financing a lobbyist whose main visible activity is publishing such texts full of ad hominem attacks on archaeologists and conservationists. Mind you, if we have the pro-collecting PAS engaged in such name-calling too, one wonders just where the heritage debate is going. I have looked in vain for this reported rebuke of Gill by "knowledgable antiquities dealer" Chris Maupin. No link was provided. Also I wonder just what "campaign" of Professor Gill is being referred to here by this "Cultural Property Observer". Here though is Gill's succinct reply to paid lobbyist Tompa (Washington lobbyist with axe to grind).

Apparently this is what the International Association of Professional Numismatists and Professional Numismatists Guilt think the most effective lobbying looks like. It is so much right up their street that they continue to support Peter Tompa year after year of this sort of thing. What does that tell you about coin collectors and dealers?

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