Wednesday, 11 February 2015

"Not innit fer the Munny of Corse" comments under Maev Kennedy's article about Lenborough Hoard were closed pretty quickly after just seven of them, people started criticising the British Museum - including this guy: 
Pvdk Nederland NL (10 Feb 2015 21:11)  1. 5 million or 30 million hoard? I just wanted to warn Paul Coleman not to sell the hoard yet! Like the finder of the Bedale, who was rewarded with only 50.000 and never mentioned again. Important professors often lie to finders of hoards to obtain the treasures for "their museum" about the worth. Often 10 to as much as 100 times more than the finder obtaines. And there is no hurry, a find is as good as owning big real estate. Get an honest appraisal first and especially not from the British Museum. I estimate the find 22 million or 4400 per artefact, but it can be even worth more. Hoping the message will reach Paul in time, Marc Opgenhaeffen
The reply was not long coming:
Paul Coleman (10 Feb 2015 22:31) Pvdk. What are you baseing [sic] you're [sic] comments on [?] I would be very interested to know how you reach that valuation. Paul
I mean, not interested in the money or anything.

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