Thursday, 17 September 2015

Scottish Museum "Communications" (sic) Office Dodges the Question

Tired of being messed around with by dealers and their trade associations, I don't expect it from museum "professionals" too:
Dear Ms **** No, I am not asking about any police „investigation”. I am asking about the state of your museum’s records. You hold public property in a public trust. Can you please answer the question? Thank you. Paul Barford
Have they got any proper records of what was stolen? Is that why they do not want to answer a perfectly valid question honestly? One can only wonder.

And look at this, they reserve the right to charge a member of the public for answering a FOI question about their perfectly legitimate concerns, like "have you actually got adequate records of three items of public property which you had in your display cases"? The very idea! Shame on you!

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