Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Buy Without papers, Get cheated Like the Fule You Are

'This 700-year-old Torah scroll was seized by authorities in Turkey recently. Police acted on a tip after hearing antique dealers were selling it for $1.9 million in the southern province of Mugla. The dealers were arrested, according to Turkish media'. 

This is another of those 'brown' manuscripts from the Turkish/Syria border region.  I guess the perception is that since documents yellow with age, really old' documents should be brown. I'm guessing this is done with acid (I wonder what coca-cola does to papyrus over a few weeks?).

Like the rest, the 'Biblical scholar wannabe' who'd buy this dodgy junk would be fooled out of his money:
17 godz.
This is not a Torah scroll. the text was google translated from Arabic. This is fake.

If you are buying antiquities on any market that does not offer proper and 100% watertight documentation of origins - every emptor should jolly well caveat.

UPDATE 12th December 2017
Journalist refused to accept they'd got it wrong until she finally decided to ask somebody who even she accepted knows about such things... 

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