Sunday, 26 November 2017

Another Hoard, this one machined out

Metal detectorist Jason Massey‎ lives in Taunton, is ex-military and runs 'a group called Detecting For Veteran's (sic)'. This is for 'Armed Forces Veteran's (sic) who Metal detect'. Here he is on Twitter:
Jason Massey‏ @jlmassey7310 godz.10 godzin temu
WOW what a day only went and found our first HOARD on my Christmas 🎄 charity dig today . 206 Romans and a silver Roman ring. We raised £1175 for 2 charities and one is the @VETERANSCHARITY who will be getting £750 .
The same find is noted on Facebook, in Metal detecting 11 godz. ·
Had a great day on My Christmas 🎄 charity dig. We had our first Hoard of Romans some are Silver 206 .We raised £1175 for 2 charities 1 is A Armed forces charity. We haven't found the source but be going back this week hopefully.
Going back entails going back with a machine apparently. No mention of what the FLO said about that...
Jason Massey The last spot had 35 in one hole so going back and the farm do not mind if we scrap a few inches of the field.
The site is '150 acres plus on a large Estate' ("Raising funds for Veteranscharity no red tape just help where needed" and of course not a single collector will be enriching themselves by taking away a single artefact out of the archaeological record of this site with 'no red tape'). Another charity dig smokescreen.

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