Saturday, 25 November 2017

The UK's Charity Artefact Hunting Rally Racket

(Rotary Club)
Heritage action this week speak out about the UK's 'Charity Artefact Hunting Rally' Racket (Heritage Journal, 'Another day, another metal detecting racketracket', 25/11/2017). Even the Freemasons and Rotary Clubs are being roped in to support this disrespectable and (for the finder/collectors lucrative) practice which turns our archaeological heritage into trophy pocket-lining for the artefact grabbers:
Rallies, whatever their form and whoever proposes them and whether for charity or not, are likely to damage heritage [...] almost everything that is ever found, despite belonging to the farmer and totalling millions of pounds a year, will go to neither the farmer nor the charity but will be pocketed by the detectorists.
 Vignette:  Metal detecting 'friend' of Gloucester Severn Rotary Club, he says he's raising money for 'cancer research' while filling his pockets with archaeology


Hidden History said...

Any chance of a larger picture Paul, people can't see that £150 shirt I'm wearing, paid for by selling artefacts on the black market!

Paul Barford said...

Steve Taylor, folks. As I say, only a face-saving PART of the money raised by collection-driven exploitation of the archaeological record ever goes to 'charity' - the rest and the artefacts themselves disappear into the greedy pockets of the bragging artefact hunters as here.

Paul Barford said...

The comment also emphasises the narcissistic self-centred basis of the hobby of artefact collecting itself. Here showing off the 150-quid shirt is a trophy as much as the latest difficult-to-find 'well-saved hammie' which is showed off by its finder to admiring fellows at at club meetings

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