Thursday, 9 November 2017

Partially Literate Artefact Hoiker Selfishly Pockets Everybody Elses's Heritage

"I thought you would like to see this its called a charging boar folding knife handle its Roman it has been to the museum they wanted to keep it, I love it to [sic] much to part with it."

UPDATE 11.11.17

Heritage Action have a few thoughts on this:
Dear Metal Detectorist [...] Incidentally, here’s a wild guess. The farmer is unaware the museum wants it and that you’ve refused to donate it to them! Please send us his name and address so we can tell him. Maybe he’ll then demand it back from you saying “I love it too much to part with it” and then HE can give it to the museum. The chances of him being an avaricious anti-social self-seeking little oik are pretty remote, don’t you think?
... and I will leave it up to the reader to decide how 'remote' the chances are of somebody engaging in collection-driven exploitation of the archaeological record being an avaricious anti-social self-seeking little oik.


kyri said...

i bet he would part with it at the right price.

Paul Barford and his amazing talking arsehole said...

Fuck off cunt features! You're not wanted on Facebook!

Paul Barford and his amazing talking arsehole said...

Retired now wanker, so I can send some premium time with you, driving up your blood pressure to critical. Let's see what I can do to that fatty little heart of yours this time around!

Paul Barford said...

Folks, that was the ever-eloquent misogynous British metal detectorist, odd-job gardener Steve Taylor, able ambassador for the hobby. Just look at the calibre and charm of some of these heritage-pocketers.

Paul Barford said...

That second comment of his constitutes a threat. Not the first time I have been threatened by a heritage pocketer for commenting on their activities, and not the first time Mr Taylor has threatened me and my family.

Anonymous said...

Me too.

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