Saturday, 11 November 2017

Perth Tomb-Raider Joan Howard Flogged off Part of Collection

In all the discussion of Indiana Joan and her digging and collecting activities, memntion was only made of her 'donating' objects to museums/ Yet there aretraces of something else going on too. Take a look at the Ancient Jewellery auction at Christies Sale 2770 5 December 2012, New York
A WESTERN ASIATIC BANDED AGATE AND GOLD BEAD NECKLACE CIRCA 1ST MILLENNIUM B.C. Price realised USD 4,375 Estimate USD 3,000 - USD 5,000 Composed of barrel-shaped and spherical banded agate beads interspersed with gold flat winged disk beads, supporting three pendants each with a spherical banded agate with a conical gold cap, one with a punched beaded border, each pendant between small modern gold beads; strung with a modern hook-and-loop closure 16½ in. (42 cm.) long [...] Provenance Mrs. Joan Howard, Lebanon and brought to Australia, late 1960s. Pre-Lot Text PROPERTY FROM AN AUSTRALIAN PRIVATE COLLECTION
How did this piece leave Lebanon?  Where is it now?

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