Monday, 20 November 2017

Spot the Difference

Metal detectorist in the UK:

UK detectorist (Rotary International in GB and I)

Collector in Perth:
Joan Howard (The West Australian)
Spot the difference. Both seek publicity and social approval, one wears a pink shirt, the other a turquoise dress, but both are making personal collections of material removed from archaeological sites and contexts, damaging the archaeological record.


Paul Barford and his amazing talking arsehole said...

I believe you have stolen that picture off the net, so let see what I can do using the Google police to close your blog!

Paul Barford said...

Nope, picture (not taken by you, is it) is in public domain and is fairly used here for the purpose of criticism.

Let us instead see what you can do just discussing the thesis - there is no difference between what you and your friends do to the archaeological record than Joan Howard. Can you do that instead of acting the victim yet again? No four letter words please.

rjm said...

Better the items found than rotting in the ground.

We now have so many treasures like The Hoxne, Stafforshire Hoard and many others to enjoy and learn from, and saved for the nation. They'd still be buried without the marvellous dedication of detectorists that rarely get the true value for their efforts.

And a lot of UK metal detecting clubs do charity work as well. It appears the photo of Mr Taylor is taken from a charity site.

What is the message you are tring to get across as it's not very clear?

Paul Barford and his amazing talking arsehole said...

Those powerful hands of mine Paul, look like they have been around a few neck! lol

Paul Barford said...

You do not seem to see the actual question asked. The similarity is, yes, as we can all see, that these people are holding things 'taken from the ground'.

There is only one Staffordshire hoard, yet metal detectorists like the one shown have been responsible for the removal of millions of pieces of potential archaeological evidence from the archaeological record n the UK, yet only a small proportion are ever recorded in rather summary terms before, for the most part, disappearing into collectors' pockets. Then for every one Staffordshire Hoard there are many more hoards dug atrociously, like the Gloucester one with the Roman doggie in it (sorry, the place name was not released) or the Hollingborough one in Kent (Medway detecting club). Our possibilities of 'learning from them' are ruined by the tekkies just hoiking stuff out blind. So much for twenty years of PAS outreach instilling best practice - bad practice is the unfortunate norm.

I'll leave the other remark uncommentedm, that Treasure hunters "rarely get the true value for their efforts". In many countries, anybody that did what we see in so many tekkie-videos to an archaeological site would get locked up.

As for "charity work", what do you mean "charity work"? Artefact hunting is about artefact hunting, the artefacts are not given to cancer suffers, they go into the pockets of collectors, who give some of their worth (by no means not all of it) to some charity to make the hobby look good. Mrs Howard 'donated objects to museums', that would not in any way justify anyone's looting them and removing them from the source country. Many other people raise money for charity by non-exploitive means, sponsored fun runs, car boot sales, etc., don't bother trying the 'charity dig' flimflam with my readers.

So, the question remains unanswered. What is the difference in the effects on the archaeological record between the collecting activities represented by the pink-shirt guy and those of collectors represented by the lady in the turquoise dress?

Paul Barford and his amazing talking arsehole said...

Is'nt it funny with you being elusive for so long, you only have to type Paul Barford into the space bar and click images, and your sweet little face appears everywhere, how did that happen. ? Did you feel some glossy magazine would come and snap you up as editor in chief, as saviour of the World Heritage? Isn't it time you got yourself a life as no -one takes you serious anymore not even my mate Kurt who is always too busy digging up bronze dog statues in the Cotswolds.

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