Saturday, 25 November 2017

A "Right" to a Reward for Collection--Driven Exploitation of the Archaeological Record?

The PAS has already started its Christmas silly season, soon we'll get the artefact advent calendars, the Roman bronze reindeer, the santa-shaped brooch and all the other seasonal dumbdown crap they foist onto the social media in a pathetic attempt to seem 'relevant'.  This, from the Treasure Registrar caught my eye:
'Tis the season for giving: thank you to finder for waiving his right to a reward for this Roman silver ring,
I'd like the Treasure Registrar to tell us, what "right". In England and Wales, the Treasure reward is discretionary, not a right established by law. Treasure Registrar surely has a duty to inform the public (and with the truth) about Treasure, no?

UPDATE 26th November 2017

Heritage Action have also spotted the misinformation: 'Treasure Registrar Telling it How it Isn't'
The season for giving? What, the season to give Britain what Britain already owns?
UPDATE UPDATE 27th November 2017

What did I predict?

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