Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Prehistory of the Azores?

The Azores, 1600 km km from the nearest point of Europe and 2300 km from the Americas were discovered by European sailors probably in 1427. Before that, the islands are thought to have been uninhabited. A small number of subterranean structures on the islands of Corvo, Santa Maria and Terceira have been identified as hypogea used for burials by Portuguese archaeologist Nuno Ribeiro. He speculates that they might date back 2000 years. Such structures have, however, been used in the Azores to store cereals. It is unclear whether these structures are natural or man-made and whether they predate the 15th-century Portuguese colonization of the Azores (Ribero's findings are discussed here). Despite the efforts of Atlantis-fans, no confirmation of a pre-Portuguese human presence in the archipelago has yet been published.

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