Monday, 16 September 2019

"Cornovii Discoverers" Pay-to-Take Artefact Hunters' Club: Call for landowners to "help uncover Shropshire's history" (aka "fill our pockets")

Rally organiser  Parry
"Landowners across Shropshire and Mid Wales are being urged to work with responsible metal detectorists to help unearth the region's past" (Sue Austin, 'After the Wem hoard: Call for landowners to help uncover Shropshire's history', Shropshire Star Sep 6, 2019).
The organiser of a charity metal detecting rally [...]  said that enthusiasts were helping archaeologists and historians to preserve ancient history. Mr John Parry, from Whitchurch, organises regular rallies on farmland to help raise money for the town's Lions Club [...] Mr Parry is a founder member of the Cornovii Discoverers Metal Detecting Club [...] "We would like to encourage other metal detector users to act responsibly and report their finds to the relevant organisations involved in preserving our ancient history," he said.
So the local "Lion's Club" takes money from an informal group that loots the archaeological heritage for money? If that was Syria... but it's not is it? White-skinned people you see.

Now, when, oh when, will British archaeologists get up off their backsides and explain that artefact hunters cherry-picking the archaeological record for collectables to have or sell, is not (in ANY way) "helping archaeologists and historians" (sic) and hoiking collectable bits out of the archaeological record is damaging it, not "preserving" it. When will we see archaeologists explaining that to folk instead of the usual dumbdown? In the case of the hoard these people found then it's not "responsible' to report it, it's obligatory.

Mr Parry explains all his members are "very passionate" about their collecting activities and "are all thrilled to know that our find near Wem will help local academics and others appreciate the value of reporting"... umm. I think they do not really need this guy to tell them that. It's what academics and others expect of the takers. Sadly, it's the heritage grabbers that need to be made to appreciate the need for reporting. So few do.
Mr Parry said he wanted to encourage other landowners to offer land to search as part of responsible digs and charity rallies.
Well, of course he does, doesn't he? A responsible dig however is not one that you do just to hoik collectables. He also says that if his pay-to-take group can get more hoiking-land: "It will help us to recovering (sic) more of our lost ancient history and thereby fill more of the dark gaps in our country's long and colourful past.[...] "It will also encourage newcomers to the hobby of metal detecting to join an ethical club who adhere to the laws that govern our hobby." it's either dark or it's colourful, Ms Austin, eh? Equally, it is either ethical or it's just legal. When it comes to artefact hunting, ethical means you don't jolly well do it. So please STOP using words you do not understand, Mr Parry.

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