Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Italian Consul Involved in Antiquities Smuggling?

ARCA blog is reporting: 'Egyptian prosecutor requests that former honorary consul of Italy be placed on INTERPOL’s red notice list' in connection with his alleged involvement in smuggling over 20 000 artefacts from the port of Alexandria. The objects were discovered inside a diplomatic shipping container, of the type used to transport household goods, sent through the port of Salerno in May 2017. The ancient objects in the container consisted mainly of ancient coins, but also nearly 200 artefacts dated from the Predynastic to the Ptolemaic, as well as the Islamic era (including funerary masks decorated in gold, a sarcophagus, a "Boat of the Dead" with 40 oarsmen, amphorae, pectoral paintings, wooden sculptures, bronzes, and ushabti statuettes).  They were probably from illegal excavations of archaeological sites, possibly from the area near Minya in Upper Egypt. 

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