Monday, 16 September 2019

Church of Scotland Get Banned from Metal Detecting Facebook Page?

It seems the Church of Scotland were trying to contact someone in the metal detecting community through Andy Fudge's 'metal detecting' page, perhaps to discuss something important. To no avail. This is what "responsible detecting" looks like close-to. In my country we called this censorship, and opposed it. In Boris-land it seems to be thriving in certain circles:
Stephen Llewellyn to Metal detecting     2 hrs ago 
Sorry guys , I've deleted the Scotland church posts. Dont really know Derek or his wife sharon as I've never met them. Dont know the ins and outs of it or reasons behind it. When the matter as (sic) been to court then discuss it. I'm sure it's on every group on facebook Just do what you all do best , post your finds and give advice. 15 comments
I think the advice might be that if the landowner asks you for a share of the money you made by selling off something from THEIR property, the responsible, ethical, and lawful thing to do would be to give it to them, and not run away. The second piece of advice would be to get a proper agreement drawn up before even setting foot on a landowner's property. The third you'll not see on a metal detecting FB page, don't trust artefact hunters coming onto YOUR land an inch. 


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