Thursday, 7 November 2019

More on Wear-the-Past Antiquities Sales

A reader has sent me the results of some online sleuthing they've done. Most interesting. The proprietor of 'Wear-the-Past' antiquities turns out to be a character that from 2004 to an unknown date was 'director' of an entity called angloantiquities, apparently a Microsoft Network shop. An address in Church Street Tewksbury is associated with it, and the same address appears in a leaked list of BNP members where the director is identified as: 
'Lord Adam Murray [...] Gloucestershire GL20 5RZ 01[...], Activist, Business owner (antiquities). Pubic [sic] speaker. Has two suits of medieval 14th and 15th century armour and can joust for rallies
Presumably BNP political rallies are meant rather than commercial artefact hunting ones. Jousting by yourself cannot be much fun. On his Facebook page, Mr Murray gives his DNA results, itemised by 'nationality' (!) - apparently treating it like some kind of racial (?) pedigree. 

Here is their eBay logo

Excavate, and "invest".

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