Thursday, 12 March 2020

Social Responsibility and UK Metal Detectorists

I wonder what effect implementation of measures to halt the spread of the coronavirus Covid-19 will be having on metal detecting rallies, club meetings and PAS-recording in the UK.  Foot-and-Mouth all over again?

Will the PAS be issuing a statement regarding contacts between FLOs and their grubby handed metal detecting 'partners'?


Brian Mattick said...

Personally, if I was a FLO I would act in my own interest and that of my family, not in accordance with any head office instructions.

If that's a reflection of the attitude of many FLOs there'll be no FLO presence at most rallies - and of course, all responsible rally organisers will therefore cancel their events, surely? If there's going to be no football for a few months there should also be no artefact hunting, obviously.

Paul Barford said...

Well, likewise, I would have thought the FLOs, in their care for their families, would not actively encourage a series of fleeting strangers from goodness-knows where to traipse through their offices with dirty objects to show. In fact in their place, I'd tell them to ** off as you never know what microorganisms they are carrying.

Brian Mattick said...

You should have added "strangers from goodness-knows where who were probable Brexit voters". There seems to be a strong correlation between those, poor spellers and not understanding the reality of the crisis. It's all hipe M8.

Paul Barford said...

Same here, in Poland it's parasitic supporters of the current ruling populist-fascist party and its handouts and police state. Perhaps it is nature's cure for stupidity.

Brian Mattick said...

"you never know what microorganisms they are carrying" applies to coins. If PAS is foolish enough to tell FLOs to continue to go to rallies they'd be well advised to insist on gloves being worn else they'd leave themselves open to embarrassing legal action.

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