Thursday, 15 October 2020

Snarling Rixy the Pasture-Digger [UPDATED]

We all know what the Code of Best Practice for Responsible metal Detecting in England and Wales says about digging sites under grass, but some metal detectorists from the MDF forum don't give a monkey's about setting a good example. Look over these people's shoulders at what they are digging into. And they are even filming themselves doing it... In a recent You Tube video UK detectorist MRix shows how he has mastered the art of simultaneously speaking and snarling contemptuously. This bit, here. Does the person digging this hole understand the potential significance of the stones, and yet continues digging? Have a look at Marky Mark's shirt (OK, have a look at Marky Mark too, a fine figure of a UK metal detectorist), he's boasting about emptying whole swathes of the sites he searches. On pasture. 

Update 22nd Feb 2021
Well, quelle surprise, although the tracking software shows that a lot of people are linking to this post, the video has now been deleted or moved. That seems rather childish ("it wasn't me, miss"). The point is that (you may believe me) there WAS a video that showed something disturbing the picture that UK detectorists want to portray of themselves. When somebody (i.e., in this case me) points it out and says, "look this picture is not the full story and misses out something", instead of justifying what the video actively shows, an attempt is once again made to simply sweep it and the issues it raises under the carpet. The truth (as one presumes it was intended to be) has been hidden so you cannot see not only what these people are doing to our historical heritage, but also what they gave not a second's consideration to actually filming themselves doing and putting out on public view. Why would they do that, if when they've done so somebody makes a comment on it, they suddenly become ashamed of what they are showing us? Courage of your convictions Mr Rix, stand up for what you stand for, defend your principles. put the video back where it was and show us what you are made of. Meanwhile, the rest of us: 

 TAKE A GOOD LOOK at this behaviour, for these are precisely the sort of people the PAS wants to grab more and more millions of public quid to make into the "partners" of the British Museum, archaeological heritage professionals and to whom they want us all to entrust the exploitation of the archaeological record. Take a good look and decide what you think about that as a "policy". 

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