Monday, 5 October 2020

Greedy Grabbers in Trump's America Want to Sabotage Culture Agreement

An antiquities trade lobbyist gloats:

A review of the comments posted on website with regards to a proposed renewal of the Italian MOU confirms slim public support for a renewal with Italy and significant public concerns expressed about current import restrictions on coins as well as any effort to extend those restrictions to late Roman Republican and Roman imperial coins. [...] only 13 letters were in support of the MOU  with Italy (primarily from scholars), and 439 were either against the MOU or against import restrictions on coins. 

Which can be interpreted as demonstrating the numerical relationship between decent thinking folk in Trump's America and greedy grabbers who want all and any restrictions on American greedy grabbers removed. 

Thirteen scholars and 439 Proud Boy wannabes. 

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I do not like publishing my email address online as I tend to get a lot of hate mail as it is.

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