Saturday, 13 March 2021

Bad News for Those Involved in Sale of the "Known as All-Buckinghamshire Too Bad Harness-Brooch"?


Concluding (?) further correspondence with the Portable Antiquities Scheme concerning the involvement of one of their volunteers with the sellers of the "Known as All-Buckinghamshire Too Bad Harness-Brooch", Professor Michael Lewis, Head of the Scheme reminded me (in litt. March 12th 2021) that he is "on the National Police Chiefs Council's Heritage and Cultural Property Working Group and illicit metal-detecting and the trade-in antiquities are areas where the Group is particularly proactive", but that "obviously, I cannot discuss any operational aspects or ongoing cases". That sounds a bit ominous. I think if I'd just paid 55thousand quid for a chunk of corroded metal, on hearing that, I'd be looking very carefully at the paperwork accompanying it about its collection history. In the case of ancient artefacts, it's always better to have not only some paperwork, but just the right paperwork. Or were those just empty words of the Head of a Scheme that actually cannot provide any details about what one of their volunteers has been up to and why?

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