Friday, 19 March 2021

UK Treasure Hunter "Only Interested in the 'Istry"

   Tekkie TV star and author Graeme Rushton

While the PAS in posh Bloomsbury tight and does not interfere, up in Dalton (George Lythgoe, 'A Guide to Metal Detecting by Dalton treasure Hunter Graeme Rushton' The Mail 18th March 2021)
A treasure hunter is set to launch his first book revealing his best finds and top tips for budding metal detectorists. Graeme Rushton, who runs Unearthed UK in Dalton, has seen some of his finds including incredibly rare medieval coins sell for thousands of pounds at auction. The hobby is seeing a surge in popularity recently  and Graeme hopes to give people an insight into life on the trawl for buried treasure. [...] “This is such an accomplishment for me as I never thought I would do this because I left school with very little in terms of qualifications [...] "There has been a popularity surge in metal detecting in the last 10 years [...]” He has recently appeared on the pilot episode of ITV4’s Henry Cole’s Great British Treasure Hunt, which he hopes will get the green light for a series in the near future.
And the PAS? Not a word from them about this, even though one of their FLOs took part in the programme. The journalist apparently believes that it's only in foreign countries where the archaeological heritage is damaged by mining it away as a source of collectable items. If you think of that, it's yet another example of racist views in "Great" Britain.
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