Saturday, 20 March 2021

Brexit Sovereignty and Stupidity from Royal Mint

One for the coin fondlers. The Royal Mint is expecting kudos for the 'historic' decision to represent Britannia on a new 'coin' issue as a 'woman of colour' say the blurb. It is difficult to see what 'colour' she is, or what genetic mixture her features are intended to represent. I'm more interested in the misappropriation of the 'ancient Greek' helmet here (in the year when Boris Johnson says the Parthenon Marbles are Britain's by right"). What a completely ridiculous depiction of a Corinthian helmet! I am willing to bet that no photos will be released of a woman (of colour or not) modelling this helmet worn like that without grasping it firmly in the hand to prevent it dropping right off (apart from probably being extremely uncomfortable). That heavy crest (look at the size of it!)  would pull the whole thing off backwards. Note there is no chinstrap holding it on. When the helmet is worn properly (that is with the front of the helmet vertical), it would crush her nose and jaw. Anatomically, that heavy helmet is pressing on the nape of the subject's head, and indicates that the back of the cranium of this individual is not very far from the ears, in other words she has a very doliocephalic skull - but a massively neanderthal mandible. This is a Brexiter, microcephalic and neanderthal. Attention is drawn to to the lion rampant on the side of the crown. When the helmet was on properly it'd not only be not-rampant but supine in a ridiculous position.  Not a supporter as in the Hannoverian arms, but a groveller.


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