Monday 23 January 2023

"Archaeologists of the World Unite! Why We Need to Pay Attention to Pseudoarchaeology Today"


Posted on YouTube by HEAS,  Dec 14, 2022  31,397 views

This recording is of a talk delivered on Friday the 9th December 2022 by Dr. Flint Dibble (Cardiff University). It was hosted by Prof. Tom Higham from HEAS (Human Evolution and Archaeological Sciences) in Vienna, Austria (whose irritatingly self-indulgent introduction I personally would skip starting here). It also refers to a Q&A session that is not in the video. Also irritatingly, and only adding to the impression that the archaeologists are censoring the public debate, "comments are turned off".

The talk has two main parts, both of interest, but the second, "way to reach the public with real archaeology", part begins about here.
I would of course say the same points apply to the those (few) of us who are concerned about addressing the current near ubiquity of archaeology being reduced in the public's view as just gawping at interesting artefacts and putting them in museum cases or private collections (otherwise they are just "lost" in the ground, in the archaeological record). That is also a pseudoarchaeology, just as much as "ancient aliens and Atlantis"


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