Thursday 5 January 2023

Disc-ground Amulet in a US Museum

Another of those facile and pretty pointless object-centred tweets on social media: Where was this excavated? This would be incredible evidence for "lost knowledge of the ancients" as it looks every bit as if it has been carved by modern high speed rotary discs - we need full trace mark analysis on this one to study this advanced technology. One for Graham Hancock maybe? But there is a problem, the online catalogue of the  Michael C. Carlos Museum says: 
"Gift of Sands of Time Antiquities [...] PROVENANCE With Sue McGovern-Huffman [Sands of Time Antiquities], Washington DC". 
Oh, so not grounded in a known proper archaeological context then? Uh-oh. All the more case for a proper toolmark analysis. 

Of course the tweet has lots of comments under it, almost all superficial ones commenting that it looks like some kind of gelatinous sweet and that readers would "like to eat it". 

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