Friday 12 April 2024

Cultural Heritage? "Christian America" Stands Behind "Christian Kremlin" on Ukraine War

How the Z-Russians Prefer Ukrainian Churches Bohorodychne, Ukraine
 (Lev Radin/Pacific Press/LightRocket/Getty Images). 

Over in Republican Retardmerika Land, 'Moscow Marjorie' Greene falsely claims:

“The Ukrainian government is attacking Christians, The Ukrainian government is executing priests. Russia is not doing that. They are not attacking Christianity. As a matter of fact they seem to be protecting it.”
No Ukrainian anyone , let alone Zelensky , is shutting down churches or mosques or synagogues. Russian Orthodox churches, which are 100% under Putin’s control and where they preach collaboration with the enemy, are having their pro-Russian activities shut down during the War, “collaborating with the enemy” is not really “political opposition”. In reality, today the Moscow Patriarchate of the Russian Orthodox Church is just another branch of Putin’s oppressive regime. They stopped being about religion a long time ago, and now explicitly preach that you go to Heaven if you murder Ukrainian children.

In Russian occupied Ukraine however, Russians have now destroyed or shut down all Protestant, Catholic and Evangelical churches.

Where do American politicians like 'Moscow Mike' Johnson and 'Moscow Marjorie' get their "news" from? Who votes for such people and why are they allowed to opine on things they know nothing about?

Americas is anything but magnified by the
image they project abroad these days (Getty)

What kind of Christianity is this? Children of Light or Children of Darkness believers?  How can one square being "pro-life" and at the same time "pro-Moscow"? 

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